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Vamping Up the Outdoor Patio Furniture Layout in Ann Arbor

The weather in Ann Arbor is mild through the spring and warm in the summer, but it’s not sweltering or humid. This allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors until their blustery and snowy harsh winter season sets in. 

The key to enjoying the weather and the patio is designing the area with durable, aesthetically appealing Ann Arbor outdoor furniture in an arrangement that presents easy entertaining, a pleasant view, and comfortable conversation. 

Creating the ideal space sounds relatively easy, but without measuring for accurate scale, the pieces could overwhelm the patio or deck or be underwhelming. Planning upfront, including measuring and doing a rough sketch of how you want the space to look, is primary before comparing options. 

You can also pull ideas from the web or magazines to bring along when shopping with measurements to get a comparable look for your home. 

Rules For Arranging Your Ann Arbor Outdoor Patio Furniture 

When the cold, frigid temperatures give way to the warmth of spring, Ann Arbor residents swarm to the outdoors. 

Many have been hibernating from all the snow and blustery conditions for months and can’t wait to enjoy mild weather. Visit https://abeautifulmess.com/how-to-protect-your-outdoor-furniture-through-all-seasons/ for tips on weatherproofing outdoor furniture. 

The spring and summer are warm but not overbearing, so the patio becomes a great extension of the living space. This means finding durable, aesthetically pleasing furniture that can be readily arranged for evening and weekend entertainment, quiet conversations, and morning sunrises with tea. 

The priority is ensuring the furniture arrangement allows comfortability with these activities. In planning, the space will need to be measured and sketched out or find a photo of one you want to mimic to get the perfect layout. What are some key points to keep in mind as you plan? Follow some tips. 

The focus 

As you would inside each room of the house, a focal point is designated for the spaces to anchor the room. The same concept is true for the deck. A focal point on the patio will serve as the primary component of your arrangement, where everyone will gather. Everything else that you add will fan out from this point. 

Will it be a dining area for you? Will there be a fire element? How do you want to use the space? These are the primary questions to consider when starting the planning phase. If you want this to be a dining area, you could use a large table with chairs surrounding the table, depending on the size of the deck. 

In that same vein, you can use more of the space and make it more intimate by using smaller tables around the space where people can mingle after dining and use a fire element as the central focal point. Click for tips on outdoor glass tables. 

The purpose 

Will the patio be used in a formal capacity, or do you prefer a comfortable, laid-back appeal? The recommendation is to use symmetry for formal, and an asymmetrical look creates a casual arrangement. 

You’ll decide whether you want to make the space for formal dining events, entertaining close friends and family for social gatherings, or if you want to use it for lounging and relaxing. If you want to use the patio for a little bit of both, you can certainly do that with no problem. 

You can get a lovely table to sit between two sofas. When set up appropriately, people can dine easily, but you can also readily relax with a good book and a cold lemonade. 

Traffic flow 

Free Patio Restaurant in a Garden  Stock Photo

Planning your outdoor patio furnishing arrangement includes considering how the traffic will flow. People will follow the pattern you create, easing the possibility of congestion. You’ll need to consider how guests will access the area and if there’s a way, they can exit without running into those entering. 

The pathways shouldn’t be like jigsaw puzzles, where visitors have to navigate around obstacles as they walk. They should be clear from one end to the next.  

The recommendations for areas prone to higher traffic should be spaced at roughly “30-48 inches,” and those areas that will see less can be cut to roughly “24.” People should be directed to move around the primary conversation area or the focal point. 

You can use plantings or natural materials to make prominent dividers, so guests are not constantly interrupted by an “excuse me.” 

Final Thought 

When designing the outdoor space on your Ann Arbor patio, remember to take cues from your indoor space. Accessorize with outdoor rugs, pillows and cushions, statues, and candles to make the space homey.  

When the winter weather rolls back around, you’ll need proper storage for your items, such as an outdoor closet or cabinets. When you take care of your patio accessories and furnishings, you’ll have less to repair and replace, instead enjoying extended longevity. 

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