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Vanity Bowls, Small Bathroom Sink, and Basin Sink

Bathroom Sinks

People get confused about all the different types of bathroom sinks that they can buy. There are so many varieties that fit so many different tastes. You can find one that is the best for you and your décor. 

There are many terms that you need to know about when you are deciding on a new bathroom sink. These terms will help you to decide exactly what you want. You should learn most of these terms so you can go about your search for the perfect one. 

There are many types of vanities that you could buy to go along with your sink. You could get a basin sink type for a small bathroom vanity to go in your small bathroom. You could buy large vessel types for a larger vanity for two. 

There are many types of sinks that you can choose from. Some of them are better for smaller areas, and some are meant for larger bathrooms. You can decide which type is best for your décor. 

This article will give you some ideas about bathroom sinks. You can learn some terms that can help you to choose the right one. You can also do more research to find the perfect one. 

a bathroom with two sinks and a large mirror

Types of Bathroom Sinks

  1. Undermount – This is the type of sink that fits under your countertop. The aim of it is not sitting on top of the counter, instead, it is mounted under it: https://www.thekitchn.com/the-6-things-you-need-to-know-about-undermount-kitchen-sinks-166059. This gives it a seamless look for your bathroom.

Some of the advantages of this type are that they have less visibility, and it is easier to clean up water and spills. Some disadvantages are that they are not good for laminate countertops and that they will cost a little more than other sinks. You will have to decide if these are right for you.

These are good for any size bathroom, especially larger ones with lots of room for countertops with cabinets underneath. They can be good for powder rooms, as well, as long as there is enough room. You have a better choice with this type. 

  1. Top Mount – These are also called drop-in sinks and they are made to sit on top of the counter. Most of the sink will sit below the counter with the rim on the top. These are normally the kind of sinks that many people have.

These types of sinks are good for any type of counter including laminate and wood. They are also less expensive than the under-mount type. It isn’t as easy to wipe water and other spills into it. 

These are also good for any bathroom as long as there is room for it. Larger powder rooms could have this type. They are also good for children’s bathrooms. 

  1. Pedestal – These are simple ones that are mounted right up to the wall. They don’t have a countertop to be mounted to. They are good for smaller areas. 

The pipework for this type will go through the column at the bottom making them hidden from view. They give a classical vibe to your bathroom. Unfortunately, they are not good for storage. 

These would go well in a powder room or a smaller bathroom. They don’t take up a lot of space so you will have more room. They also give an air of sophistication to those smaller spaces. 

white ceramic sink with mirror
  1. Vessel – These usually sit right on top of the countertop. They are shaped like bowls or other items and give a nice clean look to the room. See here to learn more about vessel sinks. They hold lots of water if that is what you want. 

These are sinks that will grab attention in your bathroom. You need to be careful about your counter height with this type because you could end up making it too tall and uncomfortable to use. They are beautiful to look at and make quite the statement.

  1. Integrated Sink and Countertop – This type is made from one material that has the sink built right into the countertop. There is no separate bowl, it is all on the countertop. They can be built from all types of materials including porcelain or acrylic. 

These are probably the easiest to clean because there are no seams. They usually come in standard sizes, but you could ask the manufacturer to make one custom for you. They are less flat than other types of sinks and counters. 

  1. Wall-Mounted – This type is directly mounted to the wall. You will be able to see all the pipework underneath it. These have no cabinets underneath, so they give the impression of more room. 

These sinks have no counterspace. These are probably better for powder rooms where you don’t need a lot of counter space. They will make your smaller powder rooms seem larger. 

  1. Semi-Recessed – If you have a smaller bathroom, these might be the sinks for you. They still give you room for storage cabinets below, but they are more recessed cabinets. You have the storage in about half the space.

These sit at the front of the countertop and a little over. This allows for more floor space for you. It also allows for more counter space. 

  1. Washplane – These are the simplest of all styles and they are very sleek. They are usually seen in higher-end hotels and restaurant bathrooms. They are perfect for that modern, contemporary home. 

They take up very little space and would be perfect for powder rooms or smaller bathrooms. They can be created from granite or marble by a stonemason. They are extremely shallow and best just for handwashing. 


There are many types of bathroom sinks that you could buy for your home. They are all different sizes for the different sizes bathrooms in your home. There are some for your larger bathrooms and some that are better for smaller powder rooms. 

You can choose the right sink for your home by choosing one of these types. They fit all different types of décors. You can choose one that is best for traditional, contemporary, modern, or many other types. 

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